Welcome to BFP Xpress - We are currently making deliveries on our own transport or couriers usually within 3 to 4 working days of order.

BFP Xpress launches to help during the Coronavirus pandemic

“Can’t wait to order? Switch to our BFP Xpress web site and get your order for our main lines in today!”

This is the message to all BFP customers old and new. This Xpress platform has been launched to help in these uncertain times.

BFP has strengthened our supply chain by increasing our stockholdings in all key lines. There will probably be ‘problems‘ ahead in certain commodities as the supply chain adjusts to the new reality. Our supply tentacles stretch far and wide and we are already on the case of working closely with Manufacturers to minimise any disruption.

We have spread our sales and customer service colleagues in several locations. They are only a phone call away. Any concerns, any problems, any suggestions - please let us know. We are here for you, now and in the future.