British Bakels | Fudgice | Rich Chocolate Soft Eat Fudge Topping | 10kg

British Bakels | Fudgice | Chocolate Soft Eat Topping | 10kg

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Bakels Fudgice Rich Chocolate Fudge Topping is a soft eating indulgent vegan fudge topping, that sets with a non-stick surface. It is a versatile topping suitable for decorating gateaux, buns and doughnuts and by adding butter can also be used to make a delicious, easy to spread buttercream.

To make as a soft eating topping, gently warm the required amount of Fudgice in a Bain Marie or saucepan to 45 degrees whilst stirring continuously. Once the required temperature is reached, a little water may be added if required to adjust the consistency.

To use as a buttercream, using a beater blend 25% butter or margarine with 75% of Fudgice on the first speed for 1 minute. Scrape down and then beat at top speed for a further 5 minutes.