Tradewinds | Popcorn Kernels | 1kg

Tradewinds | Popcorn Kernels | 1kg

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Popcorn Kernels

To make delicious popcorn follow the guidelines below:

Hob - From Ambient:

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large pan with a well fitting lid over a medium heat.
Drop in 3 popcorn kernels.

As soon as all 3 kernels have popped remove the pan from the heat for exactly 30 seconds. Replace pan on heat and add 50g popcorn kernels.

Replace lid and wait for kernels to pop, shaking gently.
Do not remove lid. Once the popping has died down, remove from heat and leave for 2 minutes to cool before consuming.

Packaging not suitable for use in microwave. decant all product from packaging before cooking.

Microwave Instructions:

Pour in ½ cup kernels into the bowl and cover the bowl with a plate.
Place in microwave and heat 2-5 minutes
(timing depends on your wattage of microwave).
The popcorn will be done when popping slows to more than a second between pops.

We have given you these heating instructions as a guide only.