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Dough Rewards

Dough is our way of saying thank you to people like you who work with dough, by giving you some dough (the money kind, not the bready kind of course).

Earn points

There are four ways to earn points or as we call them, Dough-kens (Get it? Tokens...Dough-kens).

No matter what or how much you buy we’ll credit you with two Dough-kens for every pound spent. We'll apply these Dough-kens to your account automatically and you can check your balance at any time using the Dough panel on the bottom right of our website (if you're using a mobile device then choose 'view balance and spend' in the top menu to pop up this panel).

You don't need to spend a penny to earn though.

Click 'ways to earn' in the Dough panel and you can receive up to 50 Dough-kens just for following BFP on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

Click 'refer your friends' in the panel to access your unique referral code. You can email this code to others who you think might like to try out BFP. There's no limit on the number of referrals you can make so share it far and wide! Those you refer will receive a £5 discount voucher and you'll receive 250 Dough-kens when they make their first order over £50.

Or visit the page of a product you've bought then scroll to the bottom and write a review to get 25 Dough-kens. You can write up to 10 reviews earning a total of 250 points.

Remember, Dough-kens are valid for six months so be sure to cash them in regularly. Don't worry though, we'll send you a reminder email 30 days before they expire.

Get rewards

Dough-kens can be swapped for money off codes, with 100 Dough-kens equal to £1 off. Once you have 100 or more Dough-kens you can cash them in by clicking 'redeem' in the Dough panel.

As a member of Dough you’ll also receive exclusive offers and other perks. You don’t need to do anything to benefit from this – we’ll get in touch whenever a new perk is launched.

Start earning today

If you’ve already opened an online account with BFP, you’ve been automatically registered as an member of Dough.

If you haven't opened an online account with BFP then sign up today - it only takes 15 seconds. Just click the account icon on the top right of the BFP website, pop in a few details and you’ll be eligible for rewards straight away.

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