Five mega trends impacting the bakery industry

Every bakery industry commentator has their own take on it, but most would agree that there are five inter-linked mega-trends driving changes in the bakery sector. Bakers need to adapt to and embrace these trends if they're to thrive.

Functional foods. Consumers are looking for foods which do them good. That might be healthier options, but increasingly it is also functional food which brings physical benefits. The muscle growing power of protein, the skin and brain benefits of omega oils and so on.

Indulgence. Many consumers might be living healthier lifestyles, but they still want a treat and to let loose every so often. And when it comes to treating, they want to pack the enjoyment in and indulge every sense – sight, smell, touch and of course, taste.

New experiences. As living standards have risen, consumers have become less material realising that experiences are more fulfilling than ‘things’. That goes for their food too, with many now looking for food experiences which stimulate the mind as well as the senses

Ethics and sustainability. Consumers are also after food which does good for the wider world. As awareness of environmental and social issues increases, people are increasingly seeking out sustainable, ethical choices.

Free-from. All of the above means that people are more mindful of what’s in their food and increasingly seek out bakery products with a small pallet of ingredients, no nasties and no animal products. Think vegan, gluten free and organic.

To help our bakery customers embrace these trends we’ve recently added some more organic, gluten-free and vegan choices to our range. Maybe they could be a helpful tool to keep your bakery business on trend?

Doves Farm organic plain white flour (25kg)
Artisan’s Choice gluten free plain flour (2.5kg)
Artisan’s Choice gluten free white flour (16kg)
Artisan’s Choice coconut flour (2.5kg)
IREKS vegan cake mix (12.5kg)
Frozen ready-to-bake vegan sausage rolls

    Check them out by clicking the links above.

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