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BFP opens new 73,000 sqft depot in Daventry

We're delighted to announce another big investment in our service commitment to customers today with the opening of BFP's new multi-million-pound, purpose-built depot in Daventry, Northamptonshire.
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Dough. Our way of saying 'thank you'

We’ve recently turbo-charged our rewards programme so we thought it was also time to give it a lick of paint and a new name. So without further ado, we’re delighted to introduce ‘Dough’. It’s our way of saying thank you to people like you who work with dough, by giving you some dough (the money kind, not the bready kind of course).
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The lowdown on flour

Flour is a baker’s workhorse. It’s a staple of the bakery and fundamental to most baked goods. And with the UK bakery industry making 12 million loaves of bread and 10 million cakes and biscuits every day, we’d be lost without it.

Because it's such a fixture in the bakery we can sometimes take flour for granted, so today we thought it might be nice to take a fresh look at our old friend.

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An easy route to doughnuts with a wow! factor

There’s nothing like baking doughnuts from scratch. You put your own unique signature on them, you bask in the smells as they’re prepped and you get the satisfaction of seeing customers enjoy your creations.

But let’s face it, pressures on time and skilled staff means that scratch baking doughnuts simply isn’t always an option. That’s where top quality frozen doughnuts which are ready to eat once thawed come in.

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Five mega trends impacting the bakery industry

Every bakery industry commentator has their own take on it, but most would agree that there are five inter-linked mega-trends driving changes in the bakery sector. Bakers need to adapt to and embrace these trends if they're to thrive.
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BFP expands Lewes depot with chillers and freezers

BFP opened its fourth UK depot in Lewes, East Sussex, in July 2019 to serve bakers across the South of England.  A year on and we’re growing again with the addition of two freezers and a chilled storage unit on the site. For you our customers, this means a wider range and greater product availability.
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