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An easy route to doughnuts with a wow! factor

There’s nothing like baking doughnuts from scratch. You put your own unique signature on them, you bask in the smells as they’re prepped and you get the satisfaction of seeing customers enjoy your creations.

But let’s face it, pressures on time and skilled staff means that scratch baking doughnuts simply isn’t always an option. That’s where top quality frozen doughnuts which are ready to eat once thawed come in. Thaw-and-serve doughnuts bring five key benefits to modern bakeries and food service outlets:

  • Instant innovation – all the recipe development and taste trials have been done for you
  • Variety – change the selection in your cabinet as the year progresses, introducing seasonal varieties or just mixing things up every so often
  • Time – you’re free to focus your energy and resources elsewhere
  • Reliability – perfect results every time as only doughnuts meeting stringent quality checks make it into the box
  • Less waste – just defrost what you need and keep the rest for another day

As we all come out of COVID hibernation and start to ramp up again, these are exactly the kind of helping hands we need.

To help you capture these benefits we’ve recently expanded our range of frozen thaw-and-serve doughnuts. And who better to turn to for that than Dawn Foods, a doughnut legend who began their journey a century ago as a family bakery. We’ve hand-picked eight of the best from the Dawn Foods selection of premium soft ring frozen doughnuts:

  • Lovely Lemon: Lemon flavoured sweet filling and decorated with white icing then covered in yellow sprinkles
  • Strawberry Sprinkle: Strawberry jam filling and coated in strawberry icing then sprinkled with multi-coloured sugar strands
  • Cookie Crush: Creamy vanilla flavoured filling and topped with white icing then sprinkled with cocoa cookie pieces
  • Triple Chocolate: Rich chocolate flavoured cream filling and topped with chocolate flavoured icing then covered in chocolately vermicelli
  • Chocca-Nut: Smooth chocolate hazelnut filling and decorated with chocolate hazelnut icing then sprinkled with chopped nuts
  • Apple & Cinnamon: Apple and cinnamon flavoured sweet filling and decorated with cinnamon sugar
  • Caramel Lace: Gooey caramel filling and decorated with vanilla icing then laced with caramel sauce

We’ve also thrown a plain ring doughnut from Dawn Foods into the range if you’d prefer to coat and decorate them with your own signature finish. Outside of the Dawn Foods stable we also have quality plain ball doughnuts, jam filled sugar dusted ball doughnuts, sugar glazed ring doughnuts and sugar glazed finger doughnuts.

Click here to see and buy our full range of frozen thaw-and-serve doughnuts.

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