Macphie | Fifth Avenue | Milk Chocolate Flavour Icing | 12.5kg

Macphie | 5th Avenue | Milk Chocolate Flavour Icing | 12.5kg

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This milk chocolate flavour icing is easy to apply, dries fast and won't crack or become brittle once hardened. It is also more freeze/thaw stable than fondant. Suitable for enrobing, dipping, piping and can be mixed with butter to obtain a buttercream type frosting.

Macphie 5th Avenue Milk Chocolate Flavour Icing is vegan certified and suitable for vegetarian diets.

To use for enrobing and dipping, place the desired amount of icing into a bain-marie or equivalent and warm to approximately 45 degrees stirring regularly. Do not overheat as this will reduce gloss. For a thicker icing, heat to only 30-35 degrees and for a thinner icing thin with sugar syrup.

To make a pipeable filling, beat the icing on its own for a dense, rich filling or add 330g of butter or cake margarine per 1kg of icing for a lighter, more buttery finish.

To make a firm set filling, heat the required amount of icing in a bain-marie or similar to at least 65 degrees. The warmer the icing is heated, the firmer set will be obtained.