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CCP00356 Nutella Piping Bags
CCP00356 Nutella Piping Bags
CCP00356 Nutella Piping Bags

Nutella | Piping Bags| 6x1kg

SKU : CCP00356

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Nutella, a beloved hazelnut spread, has long been a favourite for those who adore its rich, chocolatey goodness. Now, it’s easier than ever to incorporate this decadent treat into all your baking creations with Nutella piping bags. These innovative bags are pre-filled with Nutella, making them a convenient and mess-free option for enhancing your bakes and desserts.

Whether you are a professional bakery or a home baker, these piping bags are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to a variety of treats. From swirling a generous amount atop cupcakes to drizzling over freshly baked scones, the possibilities are endless. The ease of use is a game changer: simply snip the tip to your desired size and you're ready to decorate. This allows for precise application, whether you're aiming for intricate designs on macaroons or just a simple drizzle on brownies.

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