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Making the popular Cruffin from Bridor Frozen Croissant's.

Making the popular Cruffin from Bridor Frozen Croissant's.

Lee Fisher

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Indeed, the Cruffin is a trendy and delicious pastry that has been gaining popularity recently. If you're looking to create this delightful treat yourself, using Bridor's Frozen Ready-To-Bake Butter Croissants is a great way to start.


Ready to bake Croissants
(Each Croissant makes 2 Cruffins)

Your choice of fillings & toppings.

2 squares of chocolate


Mincemeat (Xmas) 

Preparation Steps

  • Defrost the croissant for around 10 minutes and then cut in two lengthwise 

  • Wait another 5 minutes for the croissant to be completely defrosted

  • Put a square of chocolate, toffee or strawberry jam in the middle

  • Wrap the pastry around it

  • Place the swirl in a muffin tin 

  • Bake for around 15 minutes at 175°C 


Some benefits for your bakery
  • Cruffins sell at a higher value than standard Croissant's. This means the extra time and effort used can pay off.
  • Cruffins are still trending in 2024. Is your bakery on trend?
  • You can be totally versatile with your flavours and toppings just like with your Crossant's.
  • Increase your offerings with a single purchase of frozen ready to bake croissants. 

Recipe courtesy of Bridor

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