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Dough. Our way of saying 'thank you'

Dough. Our way of saying 'thank you'

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We’ve recently turbo-charged our rewards programme so we thought it was also time to give it a lick of paint and a new name. So without further ado, we’re delighted to introduce ‘Dough’. It’s our way of saying thank you to people like you who work with dough, by giving you some dough (the money kind, not the bready kind of course).

Once you’ve opened an account with us online (it only takes 15 seconds) you’ll start earning points straight away. No matter what you buy or how much you spend, we’ll credit two Dough-kens (Get it? Tokens...Dough-kens) to your account for every pound spent. You can then trade Dough-kens in for money-off vouchers with 100 points equal to £1 off.

You can earn Dough-kens in other ways too.

• Receive 25 Dough-kens for following us on Twitter and a further 25 for liking us on Facebook

• Introduce someone to BFP and you get 250 Dough-kens (they get a £5 voucher) when they spend £50 or more in their first order

As a member of Dough you’ll also receive exclusive offers. You don’t need to do anything to benefit from this – we’ll get in touch whenever a new perk is launched.

So why not start benefitting today?

If you’ve already opened an account online with BFP, you’ve been automatically registered as an member of Dough. Just click on the 'Dough' icon on the bottom right of our website (if on a PC) or 'view balance and spend' in the menu to view your points balance and claim rewards.

And if you haven't opened an online account with BFP then sign up today - it only takes 15 seconds.

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