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Rising to the occasion: A new era for BFP

Rising to the occasion: A new era for BFP

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We’ve been busy bees recently, working away in the background and undertaking a fundamental review of every aspect of our business. We’ve appointed a new management team, made several significant investments and today we’re delighted to be revealing our new look and new website.

The BFP difference - choice, reliability and service

In the last two years we’ve invested significantly in property and now have close-to-nationwide coverage via three new depots in Edinburgh, Daventry and Bristol (in addition to existing sites in Lewes and Leeds). This equates to 230,000 square feet of chilled and ambient storage space, meaning that high stock levels of every product can be held at every depot. As a result, customers can now access 650+ products from 200+ brands in our core range whenever they need.

We’ve invested in our multi-temperature fleet bringing it to 250 tonnes of daily capacity and digitised our warehouses. This means that we’re more reliable than ever.

We’ve invested in our Customer Service teams and extended opening times to 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. This means that customers can speak with a friendly, expert voice at their convenience.

And we’ve built a new website where customers can do everything they do on the phone today and much more.

  • Full range of products with live stock levels
  • Any agreed discounts automatically applied (call to set up)
  • Tools to help you choose easily – search, filter and compare features
  • Instantly view dietary information and download specifications
  • Pay as you go or apply for a credit account
  • View invoices, past orders and re-order with one click
  • Earn Dough reward points on every purchase

Our passion for bakery and customers

We’ve also been reflecting on what BFP is all about – what value do we add to the world?

Well, we love bakers. They’re skilled craftspeople and creatives. They’re an integral part of our communities and our nation. And they’re part of a long line, representing one of the oldest professions.

BFP has long been a part of that community and we’re here to help bakery flourish. You could say we’re the yeast in the dough. We provide bakers with the material and inspiration they need to practise their craft. We help them to create successful businesses and delight their customers. Ultimately, we play a part in creating those special moments bakery brings - the joy of a celebration cake, the satisfaction of hearty food and the pleasure of indulgence.

With its heart shape, our new look symbolises our passion for bakery and our passion for providing outstanding customer service.

A long-term love affair

We hope you like the new look and the enhancements we’ve made. There’s more to come so watch this space!

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