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The Whisk magazine from BFP wholesale ingredients.

The Whisk magazine from BFP wholesale ingredients.

Lee Fisher

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"The Whisk" magazine, published and distributed by BFP Wholesale, has been making waves in the bakery industry. With a focus on bakers across the UK rather than just BFP customers, each issue highlights legendary bakers, new establishments, and individuals of all ages making significant contributions to the market. The magazine steers away from solely promoting BFP, instead shining a spotlight on the diverse talents within the baking community.

In addition to featuring inspiring stories, "The Whisk" provides valuable tips, tricks, and advice from industry experts. Readers can also expect updates from BFP on new product development (NPD) and insights into effective marketing strategies that are resonating with online audiences. By showcasing the best of what bakers are showcasing online, the magazine serves as a platform for sharing innovative techniques and products that are captivating internet users across the UK.

The Whisk Issue One

The Whisk Issue Two

The Whisk Issue Three

The Whisk Issue Four

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The Whisk Magazine from BFP wholesale

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