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Blending services and our mixing plant at BFP

Blending services and our mixing plant at BFP

Lee Fisher

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Stand apart and reduce costs with bespoke blends

Do you blend individual raw ingredients together in your bakery? Switching to a bespoke mix will save you time, reduce labour costs and ensure consistent results. This is where BFP blending services comes into play!

Using the same manufacturer branded bakery mixes as your competitors? Switching to a bespoke mix will set you apart from the competition and typically save you money compared to an ‘off the shelf’ branded product.

BFP’s bespoke blending service has you covered

Using our blending plant and expert team, BFP can create any powdered bakery blend to your unique specifications. This includes:

Cake &muffin mixes Brownie and traybake mixes Bread and scone mixes Pancake and waffle mixes
cake_brownie Brownies scone Waffles

BFP makes it easy

Our service is end-to-end meaning you can easily source your bespoke mix through one single point of contact. Simply pick-and-mix from our menu of five services to suit your needs.

  1. If you have an existing recipe we can work to those exact requirements or if you’d prefer, our Development Baker will partner with you to create your unique recipe.
  2. Using the significant buying power of our parent company the Albex Group, we’ll source high-quality raw materials so you benefit from economies of scale.
  3. We blend these ingredients in exact proportions using our modern BRC AA accredited blending plant, all under the supervision of our Development Baker and Technical Team.
  4. We pack the finished product into bags (from 9kg to 1 tonne) and label each pack or pre-print them. Our Graphic Designer can design pack artwork for you or we can source packaging using your existing design.
  5. Using our own vehicle fleet and selected logistics partners, we deliver the end product to your central location or to multiple sites. Or if you prefer, we can store it across our seven UK wide BRC accredited warehouses ready for you to call it off as you need.
What types of blends can you produce?

Most of the blends we produce fall into four categories: cakes & muffins, brownies & traybakes, pancakes & waffles, bread & scones. We’re not limited to those categories though so please do give us a call to discuss your needs as we can blend any set of powdered or granulated ingredients

Can you produce Kosher and Halal blends?

Yes, we can meet Kosher and Halal requirements.

Can you produce organic blends?

Yes, we are an organically certified producer

Can you include any ingredient in the blend?

As long as the ingredient is ‘dry’ we can use it in the blending process. This means that all you need to do in your bakery is add any liquids, fats and oils. Adding these ‘wet’ ingredients yourself gives you greater value and flexibility as you can use one mix for multiple purposes. For example, one mix can give you a ‘standard’ and ‘all butter’ scone. To keep your product ‘clean’ our site is free of nuts and strong flavours so we can’t include these items in blends.

What food safety accreditations does BFP have?

With BFP you have complete peace-of-mind that your blend will meet the highest standards of food safety. Our blending plant is independently audited on a regular basis and consistently achieves the highest level of BRC AA accreditation.

What quality control checks are there?

As part of our BRC AA accreditation we have thorough quality control processes at every step of the production process. The final check is a test bake of every batch.

For more information and a quote, please follow this link 

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