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BFP - The Yeast In Your Dough

BFP - The Yeast In Your Dough

Lee Fisher

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The Yeast In Your Dough

While many factors shape successful baking, a good baker fully understands the importance of blending ingredients. The right mixture of individual products creates something far bigger and tastier than the sum of its parts. This is as true for business as it is for baking a cake, pie, doughnut or any product that sees people making their way to your bakery, café, restaurant or store. There is a lot to be said for doing things yourself, but equally, getting a helping hand at the right moments is helpful, and this is where BFP and BFP Express comes in.

At BFP, we think of ourselves as the yeast in your dough.

When added to dough, yeast converts the sugars in the dough into carbon dioxide gas through fermentation. This gas causes the dough to expand and rise, creating air pockets and giving the dough a light and fluffy texture. Yeast adds flavour to baked goods, including pastries, pizza and bread. All of these products are significantly improved with yeast, just like you can enhance your bakery with the help of BFP Express.

A lot has changed in the world in recent years, and at BFP, a significant change occurred in July of 2021. We had a new MD in position, Steven Lyons. Steven has been at the heart of BFP becoming a bakery supplier that cares as much about your bakery and the people involved with the process as we are about ingredients. Again, it is the sum of every addition that makes the final product, which is what we are committed to do, as to help you.

Fundamental principles of our business in supporting bakers include:

·        A commitment to regularly update prices so we always offer the best value to bakers

·        An ability to be available for our customers 24/7; whenever you need to order, you can do so with us

·        Understanding the essential ingredients and produce bakers need, so we always have these items available

·        A desire to develop relationships that see you driving new products and offerings and allowing us to serve you quickly and conveniently

You can achieve a lot when baking with five ingredients, and we like to think the following five values will help BFP Express help you:

1. Customer obsession; we go to the ends of the earth to delight customers

2. Excellence; We set high standards and don’t accept second best

3. Pioneering spirit; We constantly look for ways to make BFP and ourselves better

4. Passionate; We care deeply, are determined and take ownership

5. Decent; We are straight-talking, kind, respectful and team players

We are here to help all bakers

When we mention a baker, what do you think of? You are right whether you see a home baker who occasionally dabbles, a local baker producing items for regulars, or a mass manufacturer meeting the vast demand for baked products. No matter the volume or expertise you operate with, if you bake, you’re a baker in our eyes, and we are committed to assisting you as best we can. We are fully committed to offering all customers the best standard of service and products, regardless of the volume or cost you spend.

Another thing all bakers know is that sometimes the smallest amount of ingredient delivers the most taste, and the full impact of flavour or quality isn’t solely related to price. We appreciate every customer and every order, and we do our best to deliver the finest outcomes to all our customers. We also know each baker has their own way of doing things and processes that help them create magic in a kitchen or bakery. This is why we are keen to offer bespoke services and solutions that allow you to be you.

We see your passion for baking

Social media splits opinions, and many people take pleasure, or relief, in turning off their phones and enjoying peace away from these platforms. That is perfectly understandable, but there is a lot of good on social media.

The bakery sector has been revitalised and invigorated by home bakers, innovative companies and fearless bakeries trying new things, spreading joy to the world. Whether seeing a delightful doughnut or a cracking cake on Instagram inspires you to bake yourself or find out where you can buy the best treats, we want to support those who do.

At BFP, we know social media is where baking comes alive, and our team is committed to creating a platform that allows you to share your handiwork. Commercially, this is excellent news for businesses and bakeries because, with hashtags and shared content, you can reach people who want to buy from you.

More importantly, though, we can all benefit from a bit of sweetness in the world. Seeing an array of desserts and savoury products that taste as great as they look is inspiring, and it’s often a welcome break from the challenging moments we all face in life.

Now more than ever, people deserve a break from time to time, and baking is a brilliant way to make that break for yourself or others.

You can help us reach others

While we aim to be more active and engaging on social media, we cant do this alone. Nor is it something we want to do alone; life is always more fun when you work alongside others. This is why BFP is keen to hear from you and what we can do to make baking better or more fun for you.

Do we need to offer more products, better quality ingredients, or do you have an idea for something we’ve never sold before? Your insight and feedback drive what we do as much as our products help you create outstanding finished products. From now on, we want to be more open to you to tell us what you want and need, and we’ll do our best to deliver this and more.

We can also benefit from your help in reaching others. If we have helped you, we want others to feel that benefit, and it’s easy for you to play a role in helping new bakers settle into the sector or assist established bakeries to do more.

Social media works best when people work together, so let’s share content, create hashtags, and form a community that makes everyone feel at home. Home bakers can inspire massive bakeries and vice versa, so let’s get people baking and talking online.

Also, the power of a good review is massive these days, and if you love our work, we’d love for you to share that with others. A positive Trust Pilot review can transform a company, placing them in front of more people in the most possible way. If you run a business, you know how much a good review matters for your confidence, self-belief, and connecting with new customers.

A good online community will always encourage positive reviews wherever possible, and that’s why as well as supporting all the people who bake with us, we’d appreciate any online reviews for BFP Express. If we have genuinely assisted you, we’d love it if you told others, and of course, we’ll do our best to shine a light on the work our bakers do.

There will always be times when you need to roll up your sleeves and get stuck by yourself. However, even then, you need ingredients and inspiration from other sources. No matter who you are and what you do, BFP Express is here to support you if you bake, and we’d love to connect with you.

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