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Earn more dough by upselling your doughnuts.

Earn more dough by upselling your doughnuts.

Lee Fisher

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You can add value to a doughnut by incorporating unique flavours, toppings, or fillings. You can also consider creating a specialty line of doughnuts that cater to specific dietary needs or preferences, such as gluten-free or vegan options. Packaging and presentation can also add value, like offering personalized packaging or creating visually appealing displays.

Doughnuts have become popular as ever with retailers like Krispy Kreme pushing their selections in both their own stores and retailers however, this does not mean the high street baker or coffee house cannot compete.

Products to uplift your doughnuts

Some popular ingredients for decorating and filling doughnuts are chocolate chips, sprinkles, fruit jams, cream cheese, and peanut butter. You can also try using different types of frosting, glaze, and drizzles to add flavour and texture to your doughnuts.

Our latest products we hold to perfect your doughnuts include:

Dawn Foods white chocolate coating - my word! This product is also great when injected and guess what.. it tastes just like Milky Bar!

Dawn Foods Cookie & Cream Filling - Reminds me or Oreo and WOW its moreish! 

Renshaw Soft Icing - Perfect for topping your doughnuts with 4 tasty options to choose from.

Doughnuts at bfp

How to display doughnuts to increase sales

Here are a few tips for displaying doughnuts to increase sales:

  • Use a brightly lit display case to make the doughnuts more visible and attractive
  • Arrange the doughnuts in an appealing way, such as by colour or flavour, to make them more visually appealing
  • Use signage to promote any special deals or promotions related to the doughnuts
  • Consider offering free samples to entice customers to try the doughnuts before making a purchase. This especially works when offering to the child market. 
Did you know?

In Europe Doughnuts are known as Dots

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