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Colour is the key to Easter

Colour is the key to Easter

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Easter is all about indulgence. After 40 days and 40 nights of fasting and denying yourself the pleasure of a favourite foodstuff or tipple, this important period in the Christian calendar offers a green light to enjoy some of life’s culinary pleasures. And that, of course, includes cake – and lots of it!

Today’s experience-hungry consumers are constantly on the look-out for products which will enhance and enrich their festivities, and the bakery industry has responded with slew of sensational goodies.

Colour burst

Easter is all about colour. After two years of on-and-off lockdowns, families and friends are planning to spend time together, so showstopping celebration cakes are expected to be popular. From pretty pastels to vibrant colour pops, more will definitely be more!

Rainbow layered sponge cakes continue to delight. Try hollowing out the centre and fill with mini chocolate eggs for an added surprise element. 

Spring into action

As well as the obvious religious connotations, Easter is also a celebration of spring, so include floral designs along with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies a-top your cakes, cupcakes and biscuits. 

When it comes to decorating, a great place to start is Renshaw’s ready to roll fondant icing, which is available in 15 colours. It’s super pliable, allowing you to cut or mould it into any shape imaginable, and only hardening once it’s left to set. 

For a stunning centrepiece, try a twist on the popular unicorn head cake by creating an Easter bunny cake complete with floppy fondant icing ears. 

Break the mould

Think cute Easter bunnies and chirpy yellow chicks, either as 3-D models or use Easter-themed cookie cutters to create 2-D shapes with ease which you can then enhance with hand-piping.  

For a more grown-up feel, try making spring daisies using white and yellow icing, and place in the centre of your cake – or ‘grow’ them up the sides (you’ll need to include green stems and leaves for this option). 

Eggs go pop!

Adapt your cake pops on sticks to make them Easter egg shaped then cover with brightly coloured icing and adorn with edible decor, such as milk chocolate malt balls and coloured chocolate beans

Eggcellent idea

On-trend Bundt cakes emulate the shape of a nests can be given an Easter twist simply by adding a bundle of chocolate eggs in the centre. Or simply drizzle with icing and sprinkle with multicoloured sugar strands.

Smashed-up coloured milk chocolate eggs make a stunning ‘abstract’ cake design that Jackson Pollack would be proud of and are a great way of using up any leftover, broken eggs. 

10 ‘carrot’ gold

Carrot cake is always in demand at Easter and edible carrot decorations are the perfect finishing touch. 

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