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Hot cross buns with S500

Hot cross buns with S500

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Traditionally eaten at Easter, this soft-spiced bun dates back to the 12th century when an Anglican monk placed the sign of the cross on the buns to honour Good Friday. Supposedly, this bun was the only thing permitted to enter the mouths of the faithful on this holy day. Apparently if shared with another person it ensures friendship.


1000g strong white flour

560g water

50g sugar

16g salt

60g fat

30g gluten

60g yeast

18g Puratos S500 UK SG

500g mixed dried vine fruits

7g liquid bun spice


Mixing spiral for 2 mins slow, then 6-8 mins fast.

Dough temperature of 25-27℃.

Bulk ferment for 5 mins then scale at 70g.

Intermediate proof for 5 mins then roll through roll plant at weight required.

Final ferment for 60-80 mins +/- proof.

Pipe cross then spray with Sunset Glaze.

Bake in oven at 230℃ with no steam for 12 mins approx. 

Tips and tricks

Mix spice in with the fruit to soak before adding to the dough. Mixing the dough first before adding these will make the dough oxidise better and will prove faster than having the spice added to the dough at the beginning. 

Recipe courtesy of Puratos

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