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Egg-citing Easter ideas

Egg-citing Easter ideas

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Pimp up your buns and dec out your doughnuts, ‘Hatch’ some new ideas this Easter with some egg-citing new twists on traditional favourites. 

Get cross

Hot cross buns are synonymous with Easter and literally sell like hot cakes in the run up to the holiday weekend. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday to commemorate the Crucifixion, they are said to date back to the 14th century and were first distributed to the poor by a monk in St Albans. 

Served warm or toasted with butter, the original recipe features spices (usually cinnamon, mixed spice and nutmeg) and dried fruit, but this Easter, be inventive and offer some twists on the traditional. 

British Bakels crossing paste (14 x 1kg) is, of course, your key ingredient and we supply it in ready-to-use piping bags for quick and easy application. 

Cool combos 

Yummy variations on the hot cross bun theme include:

Chocolate buns with white and dark chocolate chips

Orange and choc chip

Date and butterscotch

White chocolate and raspberry

Cinnamon with icing cross

Cardamom and orange

Salted caramel

Apple and custard

Carrot cake hot cross bun

Savour the moment  

Who said hot cross buns had to be sweet? Try these delicious savoury versions:

Marmite & cheese

Cheese and jalapeno

Brie and red onion

Sharing is caring

For an eye-catching centrepiece, create hot cross bun ‘wreaths’ for tearing and sharing. 

Hot cross buffins (bun/muffin hybrid) and hot cross scones provide different textures on this Easter classic.

Cracking ideas for Easter doughnuts

Consumers are going crazy for doughnuts right now, so why not adapt yours with some quick and easy Easter updates. 

We stock a wide range of frozen ball and ring doughnuts, which provide the perfect blank canvass for your spring creations. 

Ball doughnuts are ideal for topping with Easter egg designs. Or why not add a simple cross for a twist on a hot cross bun?

Top ring doughnuts with yellow icing to make chicks or white icing for easy Easter bunnies, or create a nest effect with chocolate piping and chocolate sugar strands and fill the centre with chocolate eggs. 

Use up any leftover milk chocolate eggs by crushing them and sprinkling them on doughnuts with chocolate icing for a tempting treat.

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