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Easter snowmallo shortbread chicks

Easter snowmallo shortbread chicks

These easy to make shortbread Easter chicks are fun to decorate and look so cute, they taste good too!



453g CSM Craigmillar marvello cake margarine

275g sugar

15g water

545g bakers grade flour

180g BFP strong flour

45g rice flour

45g cornflour


Place the marvello and sugar in a machine bowl fitted with a beater.

On low speed, mix until the marvello has taken up the sugar.

Add the water and blend on low speed.

Sieve together the flour ingredients and mix to a clear dough on low speed.

Roll out to 4mm thickness, dock thoroughly, cut out into desired shapes.

Place onto a baking sheet lined with silicone paper and bake at 180°C for approx. 15 minutes.



2000g CSM mellomallo (check instructions on how to use)

600g egg white

5g lemon flavour

yellow food colour (as needed)

orange jellies (as needed)

yellow vermicelli (as needed)

black food colour (as needed)


Mix mellomallo and egg white on slow speed.

Whisk to peak on top speed.

Set aside a small amount of mallomello to create chick's eyes.

With the remainder add lemon flavour and yellow food colour.

Using a round tube, pipe the body and head of chick, then pipe a wing on top of this, make sure its bold so it stands out.

Sprinkle with yellow vermicelli to create feathers.

Place an orange jelly for the beak and pipe white mellomallo for the eyes and mellomallo coloured black for the pupil.

Recipe courtesy of CSM Ingredients

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